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Times To Board Your Pet

December 15 2023

Pets are very loyal and loving. Fluffy and Fido really want nothing more than to hang out with their humans. In fact, given the option, we suspect that most of our furry patients would love to be with their owners 24/7. That may sound nice, but it just isn’t possible for most of us. Sooner or later, you’ll likely have to leave your pet for longer than the average workday. Boarding is by far the safest option for this, as you’ll know that your beloved pet is safe, sound, and being well taken care of. But when should you board your pet? A local Rialto, CA kennel offers some advice on this below.

Going Out Of Town

The vast majority of boarding reservations are for people that are going out of town, whether for work or play. While Fido and Fluffy may prefer to be at home, a kennel is a better choice. 

While dog sitters may work in some situations, there are some definite downsides to going that route. Safety is one concern. If you’re going through a third party service, then it may be hard to tell how thoroughly they screen prospective contractors. You should of course interview potential sitters and try them out, but at the end of the day, you’re still letting a stranger into your home. That understandably makes many people nervous. 

This isn’t to say that dog sitters are unsafe. You may, over time, develop a great working relationship with a sitter or dog walker. That’s great! It’s just a situation where screening and finding the right match are crucial. 

Also, having someone stop over to walk Fido makes sense for a lot of people. However, extended care is just a different ball game. If you’re relying on one person, you could find yourself in a pickle if something happens and they can’t get to your place.

Many people also look at having roommates, friends, or family members look after their pet. If your roomie and your cat are bffs, then this may work out fine. But, you also have to look at the cons. If something goes wrong, you may find yourself in a messy, and possibly even traumatic situation.

Medical Procedures

We’re not by any means suggesting that you should board your pet for every appointment. If you’re having a minor, out-patient procedure, there may be no need for boarding. And, with some procedures, you may actually want your furry pal there to snuggle up with as you recover and watch your favorite shows.

That said, you’ll need to consider your pet’s size, character, and exercise needs, as well as the procedure and associated recovery time. If you have a young puppy that is still a bundle of untrained zoomy energy, Fido may be a bit too much for you to handle as you recover, especially for those first few days. 

Ask your doctor and your Rialto, CA boarding kennel for advice on this.


With prices of real estate still soaring, it’s no wonder that the DIY craze is sweeping the nation. There’s no need to board Fido or Fluffy for slow, ongoing renovations. If you’re slowly picking away at redoing a certain room, then you’d just want to keep your pet out if you are using anything that could endanger them, such as a lot of power tools or chemicals.

However, short and chaotic renovations are a different story. If you’re replacing windows or a floor over a weekend, then it may be better to have your pet safely out of the way, especially if you’re going to have workers coming and going. Construction and renovation projects can be quite dangerous to pets: there are often all sorts of sharp objects around, such as nails, long splinters, wood scraps … the list goes on. Plus, if you have people going in and out, or perhaps have open spaces as windows or doors are being replaced, then there’s also a hazard of your pet slipping out.

Major Events

Are you planning to get married soon? Is a birth, Quincenera, anniversary, family reunion, or graduation in your family’s future? These major milestones can get pretty hectic. They also tend to draw visitors from out of town, which may mean full guest rooms for many.

For the most part, guests should be able to coexist peacefully with your pet. There are situations, though, when it may be best to book kennel space. You won’t have to worry about them slipping out, or your two-year-old niece accidentally giving your dog a grape. 

Plus, if you have a full house and your pet is sick, or perhaps anxious or timid, they may be more comfortable at a kennel.

New Arrival

Is your family going to be welcoming a new baby soon? This is perhaps the most joyful occasion to use a kennel. Births can sometimes entail spending very long days at the hospital. Your pet is also part of the family, and still needs love and care when no one is home. By arranging a stay at a pet hotel, you’ll know that you can focus on the big event.

Of course, timing is the tricky thing here, as you may not be able to exactly predict that arrival date.  Check with your kennel on booking and boarding procedures.

This also gives you time to brush up on tips for helping your infant and your pet bond. There is still some confusion about the old myth of cats’ stealing babies’ breath. This is an old wives’ tale, but with a sliver of truth. Cats, of course, do not steal babies’ breath. However, they do love to snuggle and cuddle. A very small infant may not be able to push Fluffy off. There’s no need to panic: a crib cover is all that’s needed. As for Fido, you may find that many dogs are very tolerant of babies. Letting the pup smell some of the infant’s things can help get the point across.

Board Your Pet During Moves

Moving can also be pretty chaotic. We wouldn’t necessarily advise keeping your pet kenneled during the whole packing process. You may want to board Fido and Fluffy a few times during the course of the move, though. We’d probably recommend boarding on the day that the movers take your things out of the old place, and on the day that your belongings arrive. If you’re only moving across town, this may be the same day, which makes things a bit easier.

There are a few reasons to consider this. For one thing, any time you have a lot of open doors, and things going in and out, there’s a chance for your pet to slip out. If this happens in the new place, it’s even more dangerous, as they won’t know how to get home. You also don’t want your furry friend tripping someone who’s carrying a heavy box or a piece of furniture. (We’ll leave Fluffy’s box obsession for another time.)

At the end of the day, pets are beloved parts of the family, and are always happiest and safest with their humans. However, there are times when you need to entrust your beloved pal’s care to another. Kennels are a wonderful way to keep your pet safe and sound and, when needed, out of the way.

Do you need to book your pet a stay at our pet hotel? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your Rialto, CA kennel, we are dedicated to ensuring that our furry wards have the best care … and the best times! 

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