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FAQs: Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

January 1 2024

Do you have a puppy? Is your canine buddy super friendly, active, and playful? Do you ever wonder if your dog is lonely because he doesn’t get enough time with his buddies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then doggy daycare may be a great fit for your canine companion. Doggy daycares are popping up all over the country, and it’s not hard to understand why. As far as Man’s Best Friend is concerned, these may be the best thing since sliced bacon.

Here at Valley Pet Hotel, we’re happy to host our four-legged guests. We also love seeing how much they enjoy themselves at our facility! You’ll read about some of the best things about doggy daycare in this article from Valley Pet Hotel, your Rialto, CA doggy daycare and dog boarding facility.

Does Doggy Daycare Help With Socialization?

Doggy daycare can be great for socialization. This is particularly crucial with puppies, as it is crucial to Little Fido’s mental and emotional development. This needs to happen during a specific time, usually before dogs are about 4 months old. At this stage, puppies are forming their opinions about the world and everyone in it. It’s important for them to form positive associations about new places, faces, and experiences. Pups that are calm, relaxed, and even happy about meeting people and exploring places are much more likely to grow into friendly, well-behaved dogs. Those that weren’t socialized properly are much more likely to be fearful or aggressive. Training, of course, also plays a huge role, but it won’t undo poor or lacking socialization.

Does Doggy Daycare Keep My Dog From Being Lonely?

Does Fido stay home alone while you’re at work? Do you sometimes come home to realize that your pooch has made a mess? Your canine pal may be suffering from separation anxiety. As the name suggests, this is what happens when dogs are left alone.

One of the biggest benefits of doggy daycare is the fact that it gives your canine pal a chance to run and play with his four-legged friends. Dogs are extremely loving and loyal, and really just want to hang out with their humans. However, Fido also really benefits from being around other dogs and having buddies that speak his language and enjoy the same things. 

Loneliness is no more fun for dogs than it is for people. 

Man’s Best Friend is basically wired to function as part of a pack. For tens of thousands of years, Fido lived with his four-legged family in the wild. Pet dogs see their humans as their packs, and can get lonely, sad, depressed, or anxious when separated from them. (This may be why some dogs howl when left alone: they may be trying to let their ‘pack’ know where they are.)

While separation anxiety can and should be addressed with behavioral training, it can also be beneficial to let your pet hang out with his pals while you’re at work.

Can My Dog Play At His Rialto, CA Doggy Daycare?

Another reason many people love doggy daycare is because it allows Fido a chance to run and play. As you may know, making sure that your dog is getting enough exercise is crucial. This not only keeps your furry friend fit and healthy, it also curbs many behavioral problems. Dogs that have too much pent-up energy sometimes release that energy through destructive methods, like digging or chewing. They can also be a handful when they do finally get outdoors.

Taking your pup to daycare means that he can get his exercise and playtime in while you’re at work earning money for dog toys and chew treats. When you get home, Fido may be tired enough to be more interested in cuddling than in chasing that squirrel in the yard. You’ll be able to relax and unwind together. Cuddle time!

Will Doggy Daycare Give My Dog His Meds?

We all love seeing dogs happily running and playing with their friends. However, daycare can still be beneficial for pups that have ongoing medical needs. 

If your canine buddy needs medication at specific times, you may find it hard to juggle that and a busy schedule. Doggy daycares usually offer options for administering medications.

Of course, daycare may not be the right option for a dog that is extremely weak or elderly. It really just depends on the dog. Talk to your vet and your Rialto, CA doggy daycare facility.

Should I Take My Dog To Daycare If I Work Long Hours?

One of the few good things to come from the pandemic is the fact that many people realized they preferred working from home, even if just part of the time. Our canine companions were also thrilled to have their humans around more. Of course, now that people have headed back to the office, things have shifted a bit. 

If you work long hours, it may be hard for Fido to wait until you get home for a walk. Daycare is a great alternative. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to go every day. If you work late on Wednesdays, then that may be a good day to bring your canine pal in.

Will My Dog Like Doggy Daycare?

While we’d love to answer this one with an unequivocal ‘Yes,’ that really wouldn’t be accurate. All of our furry wards have their own personalities. Many dogs absolutely love being able to spend time with their buddies while their humans are working. Then there are also pups that are timid, fearful, or even aggressive. If your furry pal is nervous or aggressive around other dogs, then daycare may not be the best option for him.

This is one reason that we are so cautious with requirements and screenings. To come to our daycare, Fido must be at least 16 weeks old, spayed or neutered, and free of fleas and ticks. We’ll assess his health and strength. We also screen behaviorally. We do this with a quick evaluation, during which we’ll observe how Fido acts both around humans and around other dogs. We’ll also see what his playful behavior is like. Dogs that show any inclination for aggression are not allowed.

Will My Dog Get Sick At Doggy Daycare?

The risk of Fido contracting diseases or parasites is always highest when he is in a place with a lot of other dogs. That’s why we are diligent about ensuring that our daycare ‘students’ are current on their parasite control and recommended vaccinations. 

Will My Dog Make Friends At Daycare?

Dogs can form close bonds with other dogs, just as people do with each other. While there are no guarantees that your pup will meet his furry bff, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility. Take a look at the video on our site, and you’ll see some of our four-legged visitors having an absolute blast with their pals. We love seeing wagging tails, cheerful panting, and happy play ‘bows!’

Do you want to learn more about taking your dog to daycare? Do you want to schedule daycare sessions for your dog? Contact us, your Rialto, CA doggy daycare facility. We are dedicated to taking great care of all of our four-legged charges!

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