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Does your dog sit home all day…bored, lonely and unstimulated? Don’t wait another moment – enroll him or her in our doggie daycare program! In no time, your four-legged friend will be enjoying hours of fun, play, socialization, exercise and attention – all in a safe, closely supervised environment. Whether playing alone or with a group of new friends, your pup is sure to enjoy our many activities and amenities!

Valley Pet Hotel features a spacious, indoor play room as well as lots of space to run around outside in our outdoor play areas. Daycare guests enjoy attention from our dedicated team members as well as group activities for socialization and physical fitness. Morning and afternoon sessions are available and each session is limited to eight dogs or less. This ensures optimal safety and supervision of our guests.

Additional details about our daycare services are as follows:

Human Requirements

  • You must have a PawPartner account 
  • You must save a credit card on file through our PawPartner app
  • You must have two emergency contacts on file (contacts must be local and able to handle emergencies on your behalf).
  • If you aren’t picking up your pet(s), please provide the name of the person who will be picking them up on your behalf.

What to Bring

  • Leash
  • Collar with name tag
  • Vaccine records if not already uploaded on paw partner Vaccine Requirements
  • Medications, if necessary, in prescription bottles with veterinarian provided directions (medications not in original prescription bottles will not be dispensed). 

General Facility Requirements

  • Your dog(s) must be people friendly
  • Your dog(s) must come on a leash
  • Your dog(s) should be in good health
  • Your dog(s) should be clean and free of fleas and ticks
  • Your dog(s) should not be overly anxious
  • See vaccine requirements Vaccine Requirements

Daycare Pricing and Drop-Off/Pickup Instructions

  • Doggie Daycare $20 per session (morning and afternoon sessions)
  • First Session – 7 am-12 noon (drop off is from 6:30 – 7:30, pick up is from 12 -12:30pm)
  • Second Session – 1 pm-6 pm (drop off is from 12:30 – 1:30, pick up is from 6 – 6:30)
  • Late pickup – for any pick-up or drop-off outside of session hours, you will be charged for a full day (an additional $20 charge per pet).
  • Check out our daycare packages.

Daycare Requirements (If your dog is eligible)

Just like humans, not all dogs are capable of peacefully socializing with others. If you would like your dog to enjoy his or her daytime activities outside of a kennel, he or she must meet the following requirements:

  • Dogs should be 16+ weeks old
  • Male dogs MUST be neutered 
  • Female dogs MUST be spayed
  • Participation in daycare may be limited, depending on behavior
  • Dogs must pass our 30-minute evaluation, where we evaluate dogs based on:
    • Human interaction (e.g., meeting, handling, obedience)
    • Dog greetings (e.g., body posture, excitement, anxiety)
    • Open play behavior (e.g., play style, stress level)
    • General health (e.g., strength, mobility, energy)

Upgrades and add-ons include, but are not limited to:

  • PupCup (whipped cream treat) $3
  • Doggie ice cream $5
  • Bath Time $20
  • Nail trim  $18
  • Dog Cuddle Time: 5-10 minutes $5
  • Dog Cuddle Time 30 minutes $15

If needed, standard medications can be administered by our well-trained staff. All medications must be brought in original prescription bottles with Dr.’s instructions on them. Prices for medication administration are as follows:

  • $3 for once-a-day pill care
  • $5 for twice-a-day
  • $3 for once-a-day insulin care
  • $5 for twice-a-day insulin care

Don’t let your furry family member spend another day cooped up at home. Call today to enroll!