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Vaccine Requirements

For the safety and wellbeing of our staff and other guests, all boarders and daycare participants are required to be up-to-date on certain vaccinations. These requirements are as follows:

**If your dog is unable to receive a certain vaccination, please provide documentation from the Vet so we can note in our system. The vet may administer titer or like tests to demonstrate health.

RabiesMust be current
DA2PP, DHLPP, Parvo, DistemperMust be current
BordatellaMust be current (some breeds may benefit from a booster every 6 months; consult your vet)
Canine InfluenzaRecommended (consult with your vet)
LeptosirosisRecommended (consult with your vet)
Flea ProtectionDogs should be on oral preventative treatment. If we find fleas on your dog, you will be billed for flea bath.

For Puppies

Before being in close proximity to other dogs, we recommend your puppy have completed at least:

  • 16 weeks old
  • All required vaccines

For Cats

Before being allowed to board, your kitty must have completed at least:

RabiesMust be current
FVRCPMust be current
FeLV (Leukemia)Must be current