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Catering to Feline Holidays – Special Treats and Activities at Pet Hotels

December 1 2023

During the holiday season, it’s not just humans who should be celebrating; our feline friends deserve some festive cheer as well! Recognizing this, pet hotels have gone the extra mile to create a joyful atmosphere for our cats during the holidays. 

Read on as a pet hotel Rialto CA talks about how they make the holidays special for your feline pal. 

Decking the Halls for Purr-fection

Themed decorations play a pivotal role in transforming pet hotels into festive wonderlands for cats. From miniature Christmas trees to sparkling lights and cat-friendly ornaments, these decorations create an enchanting ambiance that captures the holiday spirit. 

Cats, known for their curious nature, find joy in exploring and interacting with the decorated spaces. For these reasons, our decorations are carefully chosen to be feline-friendly, ensuring that they provide enjoyment without posing any safety hazards.

Interactive Play Sessions for Pawsome Fun

Holidays are a time for play, and pet hotels ensure that cats don’t miss out on the fun. They organize interactive play sessions that are specifically designed to cater to the natural instincts of cats, providing them with both mental and physical stimulation. 

From feather wands that mimic prey to mesmerizing laser pointers, these sessions incorporate toys that encourage cats to pounce, chase, and bat – all in the spirit of holiday playfulness. Furthermore, these play sessions are supervised by trained staff to ensure that the cats are content and safe in their activities.

Tailored Treats for Whiskered Guests

Pet hotels understand that cats have discerning tastes, even when it comes to treats. As a result, during the holiday season, they take special care to offer specially crafted treats that align with feline preferences. 

These treats are not just delicious; they often incorporate festive ingredients like turkey or salmon to add a holiday twist to the dining experience for our feline friends. Furthermore, these specially prepared treats often take into account any dietary restrictions or health considerations to ensure the well-being of each cat.

The Purr-fect Holiday Getaway

Pet hotels strive to create a festive and joyous environment for our feline friends during the holiday season. As pet owners, it’s truly heartening to know that our whiskered companions can enjoy the holiday season in style, surrounded by the love and care provided by these dedicated establishments. 

And if you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our facilities, feel free to call us, your local pet hotel Rialto CA, anytime!

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