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How Do I Prepare My Dog for Dog Boarding?

November 15 2023

Preparing your dog for boarding is akin to organizing a vacation for them. You want them to have the best experience possible, right? 

Read on as a pet hotel Bloomington, CA talks about how  you can ensure your four-legged friend is all set for their boarding adventure.

Get Acquainted with the Space

Before the big day, take your pup to the boarding facility for a sneak peek. Let them explore, get used to the surroundings, and perhaps make a few furry buddies. This mini adventure helps them feel more at ease when you drop them off.

Pack the Must-Haves

Imagine going on a trip without your toothbrush. Not cool, right? Well, dogs have their must-haves too. Pack their favorite toys, blanket, and a piece of your clothing. Having familiar items will provide comfort in the new environment.

Health Check-Up Basics

Ensuring your dog is in top-notch shape is crucial for a worry-free boarding experience:

Vet Check-Up

Schedule a visit to the vet to make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations. Most boarding facilities require this, and it’s a fantastic way to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Medication Matters

If your dog takes any medication, ensure you provide clear instructions to the boarding staff. Double-check that you pack enough for the entire stay, plus a little extra, just in case.

Socialization Strategies

Dogs are social beings, and making sure they know how to mingle is essential.

Playdate Practice

Arrange playdates with other dogs to help your furry pal hone their social skills. This not only makes the boarding experience more enjoyable but also fosters a sense of camaraderie.

Human Interaction Matters

Spend quality time with your dog leading up to their stay. This helps them feel loved and connected, making the separation easier when the time comes.

Drop-Off Smooth Sailing

Keep it Relaxed

When dropping off your dog, keep it casual. Dogs pick up on our emotions, so if you’re relaxed, they’re more likely to be at ease too. A quick, upbeat goodbye is the way to go.

Stay Upbeat

Leave on a positive note. Reassure your dog that you’ll be back, and avoid long, emotional farewells. Dogs are resilient, and a positive departure sets the tone for their stay.

And if you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our facility (bring Fido along), feel free to call us, your local pet hotel Bloomington, CA, anytime!

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