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What Do Dogs Do All Day in Boarding?

April 1 2023

Have you ever wondered what dogs do all day in boarding? The answer is simple: they do everything! 

Read on as a Rialto, CA vet talks about all the things your pup has to look forward to at a dog boarding facility. 


Dogs enjoy their time at boarding facilities because they are able to play with other dogs and get the attention they need. They love to socialize, so Fido will be happy to see other dogs when you drop him off. In fact, many facilities have large indoor areas where your pup can run around with other dogs and interact with them in a safe environment. 


The staff will pet and play with the dogs on a regular basis. They will also give them treats, take them for walks, and feed them. The staff will be able to keep an eye on your dog, make sure he’s doing okay, and even give him some attention if he gets lonely or bored. 

Staff at boarding facilities also have the needed to training to spot any potential health problems and take care of your dog in case he gets sick while he’s away from home.

Play Rooms

The room your dog is in will depend on their size, temperament, age and activity level. Your dog may be placed in a large group of dogs or they could be the only one in their room.

If your dog is a puppy or has never been around other animals before (such as at a doggy daycare), then they will need to be introduced slowly before being placed in larger groups with other puppies and/or adult dogs.

The best thing about having your pup stay at boarding facilities is that they have trained staff members who are able to properly monitor all the playtime so that no one gets hurt or too tired out from playing too hard!


When your dog is kept in a small room for long periods of time without getting enough exercise, he can become upset or depressed. In addition, dogs who don’t get enough exercise are at greater risk for health problems such as obesity and heart disease. 

The staff at your boarding facility will make sure that all of their guests get plenty of walks throughout the day (or night), which helps keep them healthy and happy!

If you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our facilities, please feel free to call us, your local Rialto, CA pet boarding facility, anytime!

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