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Where Should I Leave My Cat When I Go to Work?  

March 15 2023

You love your cat, but sometimes she gets underfoot. You want to make sure that she’s getting enough attention when you’re at work all day. You also don’t want her to get bored and start destroying your furniture in retaliation. That’s where pet hotels come in! 

These “homes away from home” offer the perfect balance of care and space for your kitty to roam around when you can’t be there. Read on as a Bloomington, CA vet talks about pet hotels and the range of services they can offer you and your cat.

What Is a Pet Hotel?

If you want to leave your cat without having to worry about whether she’s getting enough attention or having enough space to roam, a pet hotel might be the answer. Whether it’s just for a weekend, or daily during the work week, a pet hotel can accommodate your schedule.

Cats are social animals and need attention from their owners in order to be happy. Cats also need toys and places they can hide and sleep during the day when no one is around. A good pet hotel can provide these things.

Services Offered By Pet Hotels

Care & Attention

The staff at a pet hotel will play with and cuddle your cat to keep her from getting bored during her stay. Cats can get extremely bored if they are left alone for too long, so the staff will provide stimulation and attention that will alleviate any boredom-related stress on your cat.

Home-Like Environment

Cats are predators, so they like to hide and play. They also need a variety of places to do this, which is why cat hotels have multiple hiding spots in each room.

Cats also enjoy sleeping on elevated surfaces, such as couches or beds–and the higher the better! The rooms at a hotel have lots of shelves or other raised surfaces where Kitty can relax while still feeling safe. 

Pet hotels are designed to make your cat feel right at home

Natural Lighting

If you have a cat, then you know that they need to see a lot of natural light. It’s important for their health and well-being. And if your cat is used to seeing sunlight in the home, then it will be difficult for her if there’s little to no natural light coming in through windows or doors during the day.

A good pet hotel will have lots of natural light in each room, which avoids the feeling of being shut in all day.

And if you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our pet hotel facilities, please feel free to call us, your local vet Bloomington, CA, anytime!

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