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Is It Traumatic for Dogs to Be Boarded?

January 4 2023

Do you ever have to leave your dog behind when you go on vacation? If so, you may be wondering whether it’s traumatic for dogs to be boarded. 

When done correctly, dog boarding can be a positive experience that helps your pet get used to other people and pets. Read on as a Rialto, CA vet talks about the effects of boarding kennels on dogs.

How Will My Dog Do in a Kennel?

Though many dogs do just fine when left at a boarding facility, some may experience stress or anxiety. For example, dogs that are particularly sensitive to sound or smell could be uncomfortable around the sounds and smells of the kennel during their stay. 

Similarly, dogs who are less social could feel anxious around strangers coming and going all day long. The good news is that many kennels offer care packages that include a walk or play session during your dog’s stay. This can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are away from home.

Helping Skittish Pooches Adjust

If your dog isn’t used to being boarded, it’s vital that you spend some time before your trip making him comfortable in the setting of a kennel so he can ease into his new surroundings without fear or anxiety. If this does not happen prior to departure, then there may be some initial confusion on behalf of your pet when he arrives at the kennel—which could cause him to feel scared or distressed during the first few hours (or even days) away from home.

Finding the Right Boarding Kennel Is Key

It is important that you find a facility that meets all the safety and health regulations required by law. The best way to do this is by looking at their website and reading what they have to say about their services. 

There should be security measures in place at any facility where you board your dog, including cameras and fences. Ask if there is an alarm system installed or if they keep an eye on things while they’re closed during the night. 

You should also make sure the facility has veterinarians who can come out if your dog gets sick or injured while it’s being boarded there; this can save everyone time when it comes time for them (and even just one person) during busy periods such as holidays like Christmas.

If you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our boarding facilities, please don’t hesitate to call us, your local vet Rialto, CA anytime!

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