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Tips For Boarding Your Cat

February 15 2024

Kitties are known for being very independent. Fluffy’s self-sufficient nature definitely makes caring for her quite easy. You don’t have to walk or train her, and she won’t even need baths. However, the fact that cats are such easy keepers can actually backfire on them, especially when it comes to being left alone. You don’t need to rush home after work to walk your cat, and you can likely leave her alone overnight, as long as she has food, water, and a clean litterbox. However, for longer stays, boarding is likely your safest bet. A local Bloomington, CA cat boarding kennel explains why in this article.

Is It Better To Board My Cat Or Leave Her At Home?

Headed out of town? If you’re going to be gone longer than just overnight, you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to care for your furry friend.

There are a few reasons for this. Fluffy’s safety is first and foremost. Never underestimate a cat’s ability to get into mischief! Even something small, such as knocking her water dish over, could lead to tragic consequences.

It’s also important to realize that, while our feline pals may act aloof, they are actually very social, and need interaction. Your pet will be quite lonely and distressed left by herself. And while being in a kennel won’t stop her from missing you, at least she’ll be cared for and supervised.

Keep in mind that some cats need more supervision than others. While a healthy adult cat may be fine left alone for a night, we would advise erring on the side of caution with kittens, seniors, and any cat that has medical issues.

How Do I Prepare My Cat For Cat Boarding?

Getting ready for a trip can often be pretty stressful and hectic. You may find yourself with quite a to-do list! When it comes to boarding cats, picking the right kennel can go a long way in helping things go smoothly.

Here are our tips:

Start With An Overnight Visit: If you’re just starting out with a new kennel, a dry run can be extremely helpful. Not only will this give you an idea of how drop-offs and pickups will work, you’ll also be able to give Fluffy a chance to get used to her home away from home. This is very important! While no one knows exactly how cats think or what they comprehend, they are much smarter than many people assume. If your feline pal figures out that this is just a temporary accommodation, and that you’re coming back for her, she’ll have a much easier time.

Make Sure Your Kitty’s Paperwork Is Ready: Any decent kennel is going to require certain documentation, such as proof that your furball is up to date on certain vaccines and parasite control. 

Have Any Veterinary Appointments Done Beforehand: If Fluffy is coming due for a vaccine, exam, or parasite control, get that done beforehand. We also can’t overstate the benefits of having Fluffy fixed. If you’re scheduling this appointment before your trip, talk to your vet and kennel, and ensure that your pet will have ample time to recover.

Book In Advance: Certain times of the year tend to be busier for travelers than others. If you’re headed out in summer or perhaps around the holidays, secure your kitty’s accommodations as soon as you have your official travel dates.

Stick With The Same Cat Hotell: The more often your pet visits her kennel, the more she’ll become familiar with it, and start to understand that this is just somewhere she goes sometimes. This will be much less stressful than going to different places. That’s another reason it’s so important to have a great kennel!

Pack Everything: Kennels do vary a bit on what they allow their ‘guests’ to have with them. Make sure to include a few days’ extra food and medication, just in case. Offering a few things that smell like you, such as a tee shirt you slept in, can help keep your pet calmer. Putting Fluffy’s food in labeled plastic baggies can help prevent any mixups. 

Ask About Extras: Many kennels offer options for additional cuddles and playtime. That interaction can go a long way toward helping Fluffy feel safe and comfy in her hotel.

Here are some of the things we offer: 

  • Catnip cocktail
  • Playtime 
  • Solo laser tag 
  • Jungle gym
  • R&R Time 
  • R&R Playtime Package 

Check Kennel Requirements: These also vary from place to place. For cat sitting with us, we require that customers have a Paw Partner account. We’ll also need two emergency contacts on file. 

How Stressful Is It On A Cat To Be Boarded?

Our feline pals are very much creatures of habit. Fluffy may be quite upset at any changes to her daily kitty routine, which of course includes 43 naps, 12 grooming sessions, several meals, and cuddle time with her favorite humans. Cats also do get very attached to their humans, and can become quite distressed when separated from them.

That said, it’s important to put your pet’s health and safety first. She may not be happy about leaving home, but she’ll be safe and well-taken care of.

By taking the steps we mentioned above, you can minimize the stress your furry friend feels. Also, keep in mind that kitties tend to get over things quite quickly. When you get home again, your pet may demand some extra snuggles and attention, but overall, she’ll most likely be right back to normal pretty quickly once she gets home from her Bloomington, CA cat boarding facility! 

How Can I Make Boarding Less Stressful For My Cat?

This really starts with choosing the right kennel. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a place that keeps cats and dogs separated. Good kennels will allow you to look at the spots where your furry friend will be staying. You can learn a lot by asking questions: we’ve listed some examples in a prior blog.

If your kitty is extremely nervous, you may want to ask your vet and kennel about calming products, such as pheromones.

Also, if you have more than one cat and they’ve bonded, ask the kennel if they can stay together. Fluffy may be much happier if her bestie is close by!

How Long Will It Take For My Cat To Get Used To Her Bloomington, CA Cat Hotel?

This will vary a bit from cat to cat. If Fluffy has never been away from home, she may have a harder time adjusting than a kitty who has moved or been rehomed before. Then again, it’s also true that a kitty who has been rehomed may be even more nervous about it.

That said, there are some general guidelines to follow here. Most kitties will adjust in about two or three days. However, when you bring Fluffy back home, she probably will settle right back in. After a good nap or ten, she may even seem to forget she was ever gone at all! You may also find that your pet adjusts more easily once she is familiar with her kennel.

Don’t forget that the Bloomington, CA kennel is a great source of information. We’re happy to answer questions! 

Conclusion: While cats are often homebodies, that doesn’t mean they can safely be left alone for long periods of time. Boarding is the safer option for times when you will be gone overnight or longer.

Do you have questions about boarding your cat? Do you need to schedule your pet a stay at our cat boarding kennel? Please contact us, your Bloomington, CA pet hotel, for more information.

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