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Top FAQS About Cat Boarding 

February 1 2024

Kitties are known for being very independent. However, that doesn’t mean your feline pal is completely independent: she still needs fresh food and water every day, as well as entertainment and stimulation. If you’re leaving town, you’ll need to sort out care for your pet. Cats may be fine by themselves overnight, but for anything longer than that, you’ll either need to hire a sitter or arrange boarding. Boarding is the better option: leaving pets alone can be quite dangerous, as there’s always a chance that something could go wrong while you’re out. Read on as a local Bloomington, CA cat boarding facility answers some questions about taking Fluffy to a pet hotel.

How Do I Choose A Great Cat Boarding Facility?

Picking the right spot isn’t just going to make things easier on you and your pet: it can also help ensure that she’ll be in great hands. You don’t want to leave your beloved pet in the care of just anyone! It’s important for you to find the purrfect place.

We can’t overstate the importance of doing your research. Start by checking reviews and asking friends and family for references. Visit the facility, and ask to see the area where your feline pal will be kept.

Here are a few other questions you may want to ask:

  • Are cats and dogs kept separate?
  • How often will my cat be fed?
  • How often is water changed?
  • What perks are offered?
  • What are your emergency procedures?
  • How much training do staff have?
  • Is a vet on call or on site?
  • Is there climate control?
  • Is the kennel loud? Is there soundproofing?
  • How often are litterboxes changed?
  • What kitty amenities do you offer?

Remember, there really are no bad questions. The more you know, the better!

Can I Take My Cat To The Kennel For A Short Stay?

Kitties are very much creatures of habit. In fact, Fluffy may follow a pretty steady schedule for all of her daily naps, beauty sessions, meditation times, cuddle times, and playtimes. Taking your feline buddy to the kennel for a trial run can help a lot. Even a simple overnight visit can be helpful. Your cat may be upset at having her daily routine interrupted, but it’s important for her to have a chance to get used to the kennel. That way, when you go out of town for several days or more, she’ll already be familiar with her surroundings.

Should I Have My Cat Visit The Vet Before Her Kennel Stay?

We can’t overstate the importance of making sure your kitty is current with her vaccines and parasite control products. No decent kennel will take a kitty without proof of this: run from any place that doesn’t require copies of this paperwork. Most kennels will require proof that Fluffy is current on all recommended vaccines. 

It’s worth noting that there may be a gray zone here. If you have a kitten, there may be a window of time in which little Fluffy isn’t completely vaccinated. This is because some of the vaccinations are given in series. For this reason, we don’t accept kittens that are younger than sixteen weeks. Ask your Bloomington, CA cat sitting facility for more information.

What Do I Pack For My Cat’s Boarding Stay?

You’ll need to bring a few things along for your feline pal. Food, of course, is the biggest thing. We wouldn’t advise changing brands just before boarding your pet: dietary changes must be done slowly, over the course of several days. Making a huge change to Fluffy’s menu just before a kennel visit could upset her furry tummy, which won’t make the stay any more pleasant for her.

Another note on food? We would advise bringing a few days’ extra, just in case you’re delayed. We also appreciate having the food portioned out and put into labeled baggies.

Aside from that, it’s best if you can bring a few comfort items. That may be your kitty’s favorite toys, her pet bed, or anything you think Fluffy will appreciate. It’s not a bad idea to bring her something that smells like you, such as a shirt you’ve recently slept in. Just make sure to label everything clearly. 

Do Cats Get Sad When You Leave For Vacation?

While it’s easy to poke fun at Fluffy for being cold and aloof, cats are actually much more emotional than many people realize. Kitties get extremely attached to their humans! (They may show this in odd ways, but that’s another topic.) This is one reason we include ten minutes of playtime with boarding fees. We also offer kitty activities like laser tag and extra cuddles. 

However, even if your feline pal loves her Bloomington, CA pet hotel, she will definitely miss you. She’ll also miss being at home. Don’t be surprised if your furry friend is extremely cuddly and affectionate when you get home!

What Should I Expect After Boarding My Cat?

Coming home after being gone for a while is in many ways quite similar for cats as it is for people. Your feline pal will be relieved to sleep in her own bed, and ready to resume her busy daily schedule of doing nothing. You may notice that Fluffy’s appetite seems a bit strong. If your feline friend was off her food a bit at the kennel, she’ll be more than ready to make up for it upon coming home. Offer a special treat and perhaps a new toy to get that motor going again.

Will My Cat Remember Me After Boarding?

Don’t worry about Fluffy forgetting you! Generally, our feline pals have very good memories. In fact, they think of their humans as second parents.

How Can I Get My Cat Used To Her Carrier?

While there are a few cats that don’t mind traveling, the vast majority of them are homebodies. Kitties can get very scared and upset when they are taken out of their kingdoms. And, as you may have noticed, Fluffy isn’t a fan of car rides, either.

One thing that can help with this is letting your furry pal get used to her carrier. Leave it out between appointments, and add bedding, catnip, and toys to make it comfy and inviting. You may want to tuck it into a quiet corner, to give your pet a good retreat. Offer your feline buddy treats and praise near the carrier. This can help her form positive associations with it. That’s very important!

If all else fails, try telling your pet to stay out of it. She’ll probably jump right in!

Book Your Pet A Stay At Our Kennel

Are you looking for a great spot to take your feline pal when you are out of town? Contact us anytime! We offer top-notch care, as well as several amenities. 

In conclusion: Cats may be independent, but they are also quite small and fragile, and need proper care. Taking your feline pal to a kennel when you leave town is definitely the more responsible option. 

Do you need to schedule boarding? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about boarding your cat. As your Bloomington, CA cat boarding kennel, we are here to help! 

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