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6 Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

September 16 2022
Did you know that many dogs hate being left alone? This is one reason that doggy daycares are becoming more popular. It really is a much better option for many of our canine companions! You’ll read a few reasons why in this article from your Rialto, CA doggie daycare.


Fido really wants nothing more than to hang out with his human buddies. However, he also benefits from being able to interact with his own kind, and just enjoy being a dog. Having time to run and play with his buddies could do your pooch a world of good!


Man’s Best Friend is a pack animal by nature, and is basically hardwired to function as part of a group. Fido actually thinks of his human buddies as his pack. Your canine buddy may get very lonely and depressed when left by himself. This is the reason some dogs act out when left alone: they’re trying to find an outlet for their distress.


Fido should always have a few toys that are safe for him to use alone. However, playtime is always more fun with friends! Instead of sitting around moping, your furry buddy could be having a blast with his buddies.


Proper activity is just as important for pets as it is for us. When you take Fido to doggy daycare, he’ll spend the day running and playing. That will help him burn off any excess energy he has, leaving you with a calmer, better behaved pup. Talk about a win/win!

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When you pick your furry friend up at the end of a long day, chances are, both of you will be tired and ready to relax. You’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time with your pet, rather than having to head out for a vigorous play session.


Socialization is crucial to your canine friend’s mental and emotional development. Dogs must be exposed to new places and faces in order for them to learn to be open to new experiences. It’s also important for them to spend time with friendly, well-behaved pooches, so they learn the do’s and don’ts of doggy petiquette. This has to happen while Fido is still a puppy. Doggy daycare is a ‘pawesome’ option for this! Are you interested in sending your pooch to daycare? Contact us at your Rialto, CA doggie daycare!

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