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Will My Dog Ever Get Used to Daycare?

August 1 2023

Doggy daycare has become a popular option for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with socialization, exercise, and supervision while they are away. However, not all dogs are the same, and their personalities, preferences, and temperaments can influence how well they adapt to the daycare environment.

Read on as a pet hotel Rialto, CA talks about whether all dogs get used to doggy daycare and factors that can affect their experience.

Understanding Different Types of Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare comes in various styles, ranging from in-home daycare with a single dedicated sitter to open-play daycare franchises. Each type of daycare may have different setups, activities, and levels of human supervision. It is essential to consider the specific needs and preferences of your dog to determine which type of daycare is the best fit.

Factors Influencing a Dog’s Adaptation to Daycare

Sociability towards other dogs

Dogs that enjoy interacting with unfamiliar dogs and have good social skills tend to do well in daycare. However, some dogs may prefer the company of just a few playmates or be more selective in their interactions. 

Age and energy level

Puppies, adolescent dogs, and high-energy breeds often thrive in daycare environments due to their need for socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. Older senior dogs may have different requirements and may not enjoy the high-energy play environment.

Individual temperament

Every dog has a unique personality, and some may find the daycare setting overwhelming or stressful, while others may thoroughly enjoy it. 

Tips for Helping Your Dog Adjust to Doggy Daycare

  • Assess the facility: Before choosing a daycare facility, ensure that it meets safety standards, has trained staff, and maintains a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Consider a trial period: Many daycare facilities offer trial days to assess your dog’s compatibility with the environment and other dogs. This allows you to observe how your dog responds and whether they enjoy the experience.
  • Gradual introduction: If your dog shows signs of anxiety or discomfort, it may be helpful to introduce them to daycare gradually. Start with shorter visits and gradually increase the duration to help them build confidence and familiarity.
  • Communication with staff: Maintain open communication with the daycare staff regarding your dog’s behavior, preferences, and any concerns you may have. Experienced staff members can provide valuable insights and tailor the experience to meet your dog’s needs.

And if you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our facilities, please feel free to call us, your local pet hotel Rialto, CA, anytime!

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