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Do Dogs Enjoy Going to Daycare?

June 1 2023

It can be hard to leave your canine companion alone all day while you’re at work or go on vacation. Considering how friendly and lovable Fido can be, it just doesn’t seem right to leave him all alone. To answer this call, doggie daycare facilities have been sprouting up to meet the need, but how do you know if your dog will actually enjoy daycare?

Read on as a pet daycare facility Rialto, CA talks about the ins and outs of daycare and how to tell if your dog will enjoy it.

What Happens at Doggie Daycare?

Dogs are pack animals, so most dogs enjoy hanging out with other canines. For this reason, good pet daycare facilities structure their programs around ways to encourage socialization amongst their patrons. Physical exercise also plays a big role in the daily goings-on at daycare.

Since dogs come in different ages, sizes, activity levels, and breeds, the staff at the facility divide the dogs into playgroups based on these characteristics. This is done to increase the likelihood that all of the dogs will get along. Provisions are also made for dogs that fall on the shy end of the spectrum by easing them into “social” situations. 

To ensure your little fella has a fun-filled day, the staff at the facility prepare a schedule of activities for the dogs to engage in throughout the day. Good facilities will also have equipment, like tunnels, treadmills, pools, and climbing areas for the dogs to play. And of course, Fido gets frequent potty breaks throughout the day, which is something he doesn’t get when he’s home alone. 

Will My Dog Enjoy Daycare? Things to Consider

With socialization being a big part of the doggie daycare experience, dogs that are comfortable being around other dogs fair best at these facilities. This means the friendlier your dog is the more likely he is to enjoy his time there. On the other hand, daycare staff are well aware of how different each dog is with some canines being more shy and reserved than others. In these cases, give the more reserved pooches more one-on-one time until they’re ready to fully integrate with the group.

Something to keep in mind though is the possible toll an activity-filled day may have on older dogs or dogs with medical conditions. If your canine pal falls in these categories, make it a point to let the daycare staff know about any special accommodations your dog will need. 

If you have more questions or wish to take a tour of our facility, please don’t hesitate to call us, your local pet daycare facility Rialto, CA, anytime!

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